Zis is, how you say, as clear as ze mud

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Now I know that it’s very bad manners to make fun of foreigners’ attempts to express themselves in English. Particularly as they make much more of an effort to learn our language than we usually make to learn theirs.

However, by drawing attention to their errors (in a good-natured, comradely sort of way) one is actually helping them to improve their use of English. And how else are they going to learn?

With this in mind then, I reproduce below an extract from the web site of a certain new nationalist organization, located somewhere in France. Or is it Belgium? Perhaps it depends on which week it is.

Listen very carefully. I shall say zis only once…

Article 10 Loss of the membership

Party member can resign of association in every moment. The member gives his resignation to the President by registered letter.

The party member which resigns is held to discharge its financial obligations towards association for the year during which the resignation is subjected and for every previous year.

The suspension of a member can be decided for cautelatives reasons only by the Bureau. Final exclusion can be marked only by the Assembly.