You gotta pick a pocket or two

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Is it Kick Off Time Yet?

by Dick Franklin

Once again our French cousins are showing us the way.

Saint Germain-des-Pres, in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris, is one of the most well-heeled areas of that city. Following instructions from the mayor of this district, police have been instructed to “find Roma families living on the streets and to evict them systematically”. This is as a result of their begging and pickpocketing activity at which they are adept. We are not told where these street people are being sent [not to Calais one hopes] but it is doubtful whether many of them actually live on the streets.

On a related subject, there was recently a programme on British TV where Romanian Roma declared quite boldly that they were coming to Britain simply for the purpose of claiming state benefits. In at least one case, there were 28 of them living in the same London house and claiming Housing Benefit. No doubt in order not to get bored, a number of these Roma spent their day-time hours busily engaged in pickpocketing and thieving from shops.

Yet another one of the benefits of our membership of the European Union Mr Cameron keeps telling us about? The sooner we take back control of our borders the better.

The Roma claim to be a racial minority and therefore worthy of privileged treatment. As such they can claim that they are being discriminated against at every opportunity. I have a family which describes itself as Roma living nearby. In fact they look no different to you or me, except that they are rather scruffy. They also engage in anti-social behaviour and petty crime.

I would ask whether there are any real racial differences between these so-called Roma and the indigenous population with which they currently reside. For example, many in Britain who now call themselves Roma came from Ireland or have Irish roots. They used to call themselves gypsies quite happily for many years. Now they have adopted this title Roma because, perhaps correctly, they believe the police and others will let them get away with all sorts for fear of being accused of ‘racism’.

Time to blow the whistle on this con.