With friends like this who needs enemies?

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It was amusing to hear Peter Hain on BBC Radio Four this morning, at about 8.20, supporting Labour leader Ed Miliband in the way a rope supports a hanged man. Hain said that after the general election next year Labour would be the largest party in parliament. The broadcaster interviewing him did not comment on the fact that this was an implicit acknowledgement by Hain that he did not believe Labour could win a parliamentary majority at the general election under Miliband’s leadership.

Was Hain slyly further undermining Miliband’s standing as leader of the Labour Party? Or is morale within Labour now so low that even his allies regard another hung parliament, with Labour the largest single party, as the best outcome for which they can realistically hope if Miliband leads their party into the general election?

Meanwhile, on the other wing of Lib-Lab-Con, PM David Cameron’s woes are scarcely less entertaining for patriots. With less than a fortnight till polling day in the Rochester and Strood by-election, the dozy Mark Reckless has woken up with a start to the evils of immigration. Reckless hopes his former constituents have forgotten his years of quiescence on the issue, while half a million immigrants, the great majority from Africa and Asia rather than Eastern Europe, poured into Britain each year.

If Reckless of UKIP wins on 20 November it could trigger further defections by both Tory and Labour MPs, putting pressure on Feckless of Downing Street, alias Cameron, to ‘step aside’ in favour of Osborne, Johnson or May.

The Lib Dems’ case is even more parlous. Having made the elementary error of helping to form a government in which they were the junior partner, at the general election next May they will be severely punished by the electorate. A return to the proverbial shared taxi to the Palace of Westminster looks likely for its surviving handful of MPs.

Happy days are here again!