Why the double standard?

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Dr Andrew Emerson

11:10 AM on 11/09/2015

It was a Labour prime minister, Tony Blair, with the support of senior Tory and Lib Dem politicians, who was responsible for destabilizing the Middle East by supporting the American led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

We are still living with the consequences of this war crime today. David Cameron has learnt nothing from the tragedy of Iraq and wishes to repeat the disaster by joining America in bombing Syria, as a prelude to another misconceived invasion by ground troops.

There is no way of effectively preventing the infiltration of terrorist activists among the tens of thousands of displaced Syrians Cameron and co have wickedly agreed to import into Britain, other than by rejecting them en masse.

Our people are already doing more than their share to ameliorate the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, providing more resources in aid than any other country but the US. By providing the aid where it is needed, in Syria itself, we help displaced Syrian families to remain united in their own country.

We English should ask ourselves the question: why is our government and the media betraying us by campaigning for the importation of tens of thousands of Muslims, whose countries they have plunged into civil war by misconceived military intervention?

When are the needs of homeless English families to be addressed?

And how many displaced Syrians have Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar agreed to take in? The answer is none.

It seems there is a double standard in operation. One rule for us and another for them.

And to add insult to injury, free speech in favour of the rights of the English is branded ‘hate speech’ by the thought police of the media.

Will Mr Cummings and Mr Dignum and others of their persuasion be leading by example and opening their homes to fit young Muslims of indeterminate background and affiliation?

Of course they will. Won’t they?

Patria is the only party to stand against the political and media Establishment’s jihad against the English.


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