Who cares who ate Baldylocks’ porridge?

By May 27, 2021June 3rd, 2021No Comments

Pressing the “panic button” is never a good idea. Does no one else remember 1968-69 and the Hong Kong Flu pandemic? Scores of thousands died in the UK out of a very much smaller population back then. But quite rightly there was no question of robbing the populace of civil liberty and livelihood by treating us as prisoners and locking us down. The great majority of those who died with, not from, Covid-19 in the current pandemic were over the age of 75 years with pre-existing serious health conditions from which they were slowly dying in any case. The UK pandemic mortality stats for 1968-69 and 2020-21 are strikingly similar at around 0.2% or, put another way, two people in every thousand of the population.

I’m no conspiracy theorist but were there to be a conspiracy wouldn’t a theory be required in order to explain it? It’s enough to make any thinking person question the real motivation behind the Lib-Lab-Con political Establishment’s approach to the Covid-19 pandemic. Is there a hidden agenda at work here?