White men need not waste their time applying

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RAF apologise for wanting pilot who is ‘preferably not white male’ to represent them at Top Gun: Maverick press event

  • Its communication team sent an email looking for RAF’s ‘face’ at the event
  • The press event will be launching the latest film in the Top Gun movie sequel
  • The email said it was looking for a ‘preferably not white male’ to be the RAF face
  • It was slammed by critics who called the attitude ‘divisive and dangerous’
  • Ministry of Defence apologised, saying the language ‘should not have been used’

An email, sent by the RAF’s communication team, said it was looking for somebody who could be the ‘face’ of an event to launch the latest movie in the Top Gun sequel, starring movie star Tom Cruise.

The Ministry of Defence apologised for any offence caused and said the language ‘should not have been used’.

So says the Daily Mail in its report on the outrage.

There is so much wrong with this that it’s difficult to know where to begin. The individual who wrote and sent it should be put on a charge. If it is typical of the thinking and mindset of senior officers within the armed forces, as I believe it is, then the defence of the realm has been entrusted to dangerous idiots.

Can you imagine the uproar and public outcry if it had been the other way around and the message had referred to preferring a white male? Even in its own warped politically ‘correct’ terms the message fails, by beginning with the gender specific term Gents.

And just think, this is happening right now while whites are still just about a majority in the country. If immigration continues at its current rate it cannot be long before that situation changes.

Will we then, as a minority, be accorded preference for jobs and educational opportunities? Not very likely. No, we will be treated even more unfairly than we are now. There is still time to save our country but no time to waste.

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