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‘Highly intelligent’ thug, 17, left five friends maimed like ‘something from a horror film’ after spraying chemicals on them that burned through their faces in an unprovoked attack

Alexander Bassey , 17, attacked five friends at Ockendon station in Essex

Bassey then pulled a bottle from behind his back before squirting them

They were covered in a highly corrosive alkaline which burnt their skin

Attacker sentenced to eight-year jail sentence at Basildon Crown Court


5 August 2016

A callous teenager was sentenced to eight years in prison after he showered five friends with an alkaline liquid in a random attack likened to a scene from a ‘horror film’.

Alexander Bassey, 17, got off a train at Ockendon station in Essex and approached the friends who were sitting at the platform waiting to go home after a party.

After challenging the youngsters – aged from 16 to 18 – he pulled a sports bottle from behind his back before squirting the highly corrosive alkaline substance backwards and forwards over them.

The innocent friends, who had said ‘we don’t want any trouble’, were left screaming in agony as the alkaline burned through their clothes and onto their skin leaving life-changing injuries.

The unprovoked attack was captured on CCTV which was released today for the first time.

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