When is race not an issue?

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Can it be a coincidence that the Crown Prosecution Service’s lead on child sexual abuse and violence against women and girls, Nazir Afzal, has tried to minimize the importance of the race of the perpetrators in the Rotherham child sexual exploitation (CSE) scandal?

In that Afzal is of the same race and religion as the great majority of the perpetrators, how is it possible not to smell a rat?

Hasn’t Afzal, in his position of power within the Crown Prostitution Service (CPS) done exactly what Prof Jay’s Independent Inquiry found all of the statutory agencies had done over sixteen years? That is, they stood reason on its head in order to avoid doing what was their clear duty: to co-operate in taking robust action against the perpetrators, in order to protect vulnerable children whom they knew were being brutally victimized by criminal gangs.

The chief executive of the Barnardo’s children’s charity, Javed Khan, is also a Pakistani Muslim and formerly an education officer in Birmingham. Earlier this year (25 January) the Mail on Sunday published allegations about Khan which were subsequently investigated by the charities Victim Support and Barnardo’s.

While it may be the case that most child sexual abuse in Britain is perpetrated by white men, in view of the facts firstly, that the great majority of the population is white and secondly, the prevalence of divorce and family break-up, this is hardly surprising.

More meaningful statistically would be an analysis of the involvement of the various ethnic groups in CSE on a per capita basis. Can anyone seriously doubt that such an analysis would show a significant over-representation of Pakistani Muslims? In other words that, in Britain at least, they are more likely to commit such crimes than members of any other ethno-religious group.

This propensity to engage in CSE is partly due to traditional Muslim attitudes towards non-Muslims and women and partly due to the culture of politically ‘correct’ appeasement prevalent within public bodies and society at large. It is a toxic brew which our people will drink to the dregs unless they wise up, reject the failed nostrums of the corrupt old order and vote into government a party like Patria which will put our people first.