When is a debate not a debate?

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Dr Andrew Emerson

1:00 PM on 23/05/2017

This was not a debate “…involving Chichester’s parliamentary candidates…” since not every candidate had received an invitation to take part.

The “debate” was to have been a travesty of democracy and free speech, hosted by politically ‘correct’ functionaries who support the indoctrination of our young people into accepting the Islamification of Britain through mass immigration from the Third World and surrender to the EU’s jihad against the English.

The “debate” was to have been part of the political and media Establishment’s campaign in support of the continuing betrayal of Britain to its enemies by the parties whose candidates were invited.

At least one of the “local” candidates who were invited to the “debate” does not live within the parliamentary constituency of Chichester. And at least one candidate who has lived within the constituency for thirty years did not receive an invitation.

A debate is a dispute between different points of view, or it is not a debate. If the point of view closest to the truth is to be excluded from the debate, then it degenerates from a debate into a mere discussion between the advocates of various forms of error.

What is the answer of the political and media Establishment to jihadist terror? Appeasement in the form of preferential treatment for Muslims and a further attack on the civil liberty of the English.

Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but most terrorists are Muslims. To support the continued immigration of such people into our country is the worst treason imaginable and an insult to the victims of jihadist terror.

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