What rights?

By April 26, 2022No Comments

A recent employment tribunal case relates to discrimination at work against anyone bold enough to self-identify as English, at least if they really are.

See here for a lamestream media report.

The views of Graham Moore as reported appear little different from those of Farage and co. Civic nationalism, only focused on England rather than the UK. That being said, he has the right to be political and why on earth should he have declared his views to his employer? Where was the conflict of interest? This was a clear case of unlawful discrimination on the grounds of political belief. The kind of thing for which we rightly criticize Russia.

As there is currently no civic state of England the term English in the political context can only refer to what Moore terms ‘indigenous English’ and not to English citizenship, which as in the case of UK citizenship, could be held by those of another nationality. His political philosophy appears to lack cogency but he is nevertheless entitled to it as well as to engage in political activity without suffering an employer imposed detriment on account of it.

As ever there is one rule for the so called minorities and another much harsher rule for the English.