What is Johnson really up to?

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Is Boris Johnson really trying to avoid a Brexit?

A very good question. I would say the jury is still out, but let’s have a quick look at the evidence.

Wrote two letters before deciding whether to support Leave or Remain in 2016 (in February, rather late). One of these argued for Leave, the other for Remain. Supposedly, his eventual choice was made on the basis of which side would most benefit his personal standing and political prospects.

Father had a career working for the EU in Brussels.

Actually voted for Treason May’s written in Berlin political declaration and remain agreement at the third time of asking. If this had been approved by parliament it would have locked us into the customs union and single market and kept us subject to the direct effect and supremacy of EU law, with no representation in EU institutions. Without a voice, vote or veto and supposedly no way of leaving, we would have been a penal colony or vassal state of the EU.

Tries to engineer a general election before Brexit has been delivered. Was he hoping to win a majority on the false premise that his party would, if it had a majority, deliver Brexit but the opposition were making it impossible?

Only talks about the Irish border backstop protocol and never about the scores of other unacceptable features of Treason May’s written in Berlin political declaration and remain agreement, as if somehow removing or even ‘fixing’ the backstop, would make the draft treaty acceptable as a basis for negotiations.

When elected leader by his party and appointed prime minister he filled his cabinet with former remainers such as his brother, Amber Rudd and ‘eurosceptics’ like himself and Rees-Mogg, who voted for Treason May’s remain agreement on at least one occasion, while excluding genuine Brexiteers such as Steve Baker, John Redwood and other ERG ‘Spartans’.

Has stated that a no Article fifty ‘deal’ departure (ie, ‘No Deal’) is not his preferred option when, because of the intransigence of the EU and its proven lack of good faith, it is the only way of really leaving the doomed and failing EU.

Is his game plan really not to deliver Brexit but to make the opposition parties take the blame for blocking it, in order then to win a majority at a subsequent general election?

Vote Patria.