What do the Conservatives conserve any more?

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The Smarm Merchant

by Dick Franklin

In the aftermath of the débâcle for the Conservative Party following the recent round of elections, George “Tory Boy” Osborne, the current Chancellor of the Exchequer has claimed “The modern Conservative Party will never dismiss or belittle the views of the people we aspire to represent”.

Really? Isn’t this just what George and his pals have been doing for years? I really find this man odious. He exudes a smarmy arrogance which is only exceeded by Cameron his current boss.

In a speech to the CBI recently he warned of a supposed consensus which wants to make Britain less welcoming to global investment and attempt to recreate an economy without the globalism which has gradually tightened its fingers around our throats over the last thirty years. He has this arrogant assumption that prostituting our country to overseas investors is the the only way forward.

The real way forward for Britain is to make it less welcoming to global investment and to make it far more favourable to British investment, thereby securing British security and British jobs for British people. That is the policy which Patria advocates strongly because we wish to control our own affairs and not be some plaything for globalists whose only interest is the power of money. They care nothing for Britain or its people. Yet these are the people whom Osborne and his ilk wish to serve, rather than those who elected them.

He had the cheek to go on to say “They want to pull up the drawbridge and shut Britain off from the world. They want to constrain foreign investment in our economy and deprive us of the British jobs it has created in industries from car manufacturing to energy”. Well we cannot pull up the drawbridge because the Con/Lab/Lib conspiracy have torn it down and sold it off. But we can make another one!

In reality, what foreign investment often means is buying up British firms, selling their assets, outsourcing lucrative contracts to countries where labour is cheap and making the British work force redundant. At one time Britain was one of the leading motor manufacturing and exporting countries in the world. Where can you buy a genuinely British car today? I would say only from a couple of small and very expensive niche companies.

As regards energy, if Osborne thinks that industry is better than it was, he must be “mad, literally mad” to quote Enoch Powell. We have virtually all of the energy companies fleecing their customers. Most of these are foreign owned. We could, at a push, produce most of our energy ourselves and thereby create many jobs. But that is certainly not what Mr Osborne wants. A lot of our gas for now comes from Russia and Mr Putin tells us he intends to increase the price to European customers now that he has a new contract with China.

I cannot in all honesty blame Putin for doing this but I can blame Osborne and those who went before him for allowing us to be put in this position and then proclaiming it as a great success.

It is ironic that an unpopular French socialist government seems to have more concern for its nation’s economic security than a so-called British “Conservative” government. They have recently prevented the American GE consortium from buying up the French Alstom power group with hugely increased powers to block foreign take-overs. These powers relate to all the strategic industries I have mentioned in previous contributions. The French Economy Minister has gone so far as to call for the (Indian owned) ArcelorMittal steel giant to be kicked out of the country because “they don’t respect France”. And could one imagine Osborne saying anything like that?

This may have been done out of fear of the Front National. It just shows what an effective nationalist movement can do and Patria can do the same for Britain. What used to be British Steel is now owned by Tata, another Indian company.