What a silly fakir!

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Gandhi: an idol with feet of clay

by Dick Franklin

Mohandas Gandhi was an Indian rabble rouser who liked to march about that subcontinent with his followers, demanding that the British “Quit India”. This was in spite of the fact that the British government had already decided to do so. The major concern at the time was the antipathy between Indian Hindus and Indian Moslems. The British settled the matter by creating two independent states, the mainly Hindu India and the predominantly Moslem Pakistan.

Perhaps this exit was was carried out prematurely as a result of the activities of the likes of Gandhi. As soon as the British left, the Hindus and the Moslems were at each other’s throats and millions were butchered. Rather ironically, Gandhi himself was assassinated in 1948. This was not at the hands of a Moslem but by a Hindu nationalist.

In the usual fashion of British post war governments, presenting their collective backsides to be kicked, the Cameron clique is proposing to erect a statue of Gandhi at Westminster. This has raised the ire of certain more enlightened Indians now living in the UK (Quit Britain!). They are pointing out negative aspects of Gandhi’s bizarre behaviour and object to this semi-deification. I am referring in particular to Dr Kusoom Vadgama, an optician living in North London.

Apparently Dr Vadgama grew up hating Britain but that did not stop her moving here only five years after India was given independence. Her objection to the statue is on the justifiable grounds that Gandhi was in the practice of taking naked young Indian girls, some of them pre-pubescent, into his bed for the purpose of “testing his celibacy”. Whether he was entirely successful in this quest we are not told. Presumably they lay there all night discussing the latest cricket scores.

I would have thought that the way to test your celibacy is to be celibate, not entice young girls into your bed. If he did that in this country now, he would risk becoming an unwilling guest of Her Majesty and being made to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register. Quite right too. Even if he did keep his hands to himself, did it not occur to Gandhi what the sight of an ugly, elderly naked man might have on the developing minds of these young girls? Apparently not.

Gandhi advocated celibacy among married couples as well. Apparently his countrymen did not take much notice of his advice. Since it has been independent the population of India has almost doubled from 644 million to 1,255 million.