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UK lets in more workers than any other EU country: Britain handed out a visa every 50 seconds last year

UK allowed 633,000 people from outside the EU to come here in 2015

229,000 were student visas – 43 per cent of total from all 28 EU countries

Contributes to ‘net migration’, which was record 327,000 in year to March

High comes despite government promise to bring net to below 100,000


28 October 2016

Britain gave out more residence permits than any other country in the European Union last year – equivalent to granting one every 50 seconds.

Despite growing concerns about mass immigration, the UK allowed a staggering 633,017 people from outside the EU to live here – a quarter of the 2.6 million permits issued in Europe.

It was followed by Poland with 541,000, France with 226,000 and Germany with 194,000, according to the EU’s statistics arm Eurostat.

Britain was the main destination in the European Union for non-EU citizens enrolling in education, handing out 229,097 study visas – 43 per cent of all those handed out in the 28-state bloc.

Another 118,080 came for work and 89,936 for family reasons.

The statistics will cause anxiety because curbing immigration was a key reason Britain voted to leave the EU in June’s historic referendum.

Ministers have increasingly come under fire for failing to get a grip on mass immigration, which has increased the strain on overstretched public services.

In the year to March, ‘net migration’ – the difference between those arriving in the UK minus those leaving – totalled a near record 327,000.

It is more than three times the Government’s target – Prime Minister Theresa May has reiterated her long-standing commitment to cut the figure to below 100,000. [Just like David Cameron in fact].

Residence permits allow non-EU nationals to stay in a country legally.

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Patria says:-

The term net migration should be exposed for the fraud it is. It presupposes that one is comparing like with like to deduct the figure for those leaving from the total of those entering the country. While most of those arriving in the country are immigrants from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, the great majority of those leaving are our own English folk. Use of the term net migration implies that there is no need to differentiate between our people and foreigners because our people have no more right to be here than the foreigners who are swarming in. It is precisely this Anglophobia on the part of the immigrant-controlled political and media Establishment that causes many of our people to emigrate.