Westminster ‘bad driver’ was a jihadist after all

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Westminster killer had links to hotbed of extremism in the UK: Masood spent time with banned group while living alongside other fanatics in Luton

London killer Khalid Masood spent time with the extremist group Al-Muhajiroun

52-year-old lived in Luton alongside Islamic fanatics who planned UK terror plots

During three years in Luton Masood appeared on MI5’s radar through contacts

Security services started to re-examine links to extremism after London attack

By Arthur Martin and Ben Wilkinson for the Daily Mail

29 March 2017

The full extent of the Westminster attacker’s links to a ‘hotbed of terror’ in a British town can be laid bare today.

Khalid Masood spent time with the extremist group Al-Muhajiroun which influenced a generation of home-grown terrorists.

The 52-year-old lived in Luton alongside dangerous Islamic fanatics who have been responsible for some of the most chilling terror plots in the UK.

During his three years in the town Masood appeared on MI5’s radar as they investigated terrorists planning to bomb a Territorial Army base, sources said. Inquiries into him were not pursued as he was not considered a threat.

Security services started to re-examine his links to extremism in Luton after he murdered three people by driving a car into them, then stabbed a policeman to death before being shot dead in the grounds of Parliament last Wednesday.

Masood moved to Luton in 2009 with Rohey Hydara, who would become his second wife, after two stints teaching English in Saudi Arabia. By this stage he had converted to Islam and was beginning to express an interest in jihad.

He got a job teaching English at an Islamic school in Britannia House which is just yards from where Al-Muhajiroun distributed extremist literature from a makeshift stall on the pavement.

Founded by hate preachers Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri Muhammad, the group had a strong presence in Luton for more than 20 years. Masood is understood to have picked up pamphlets from the stall and formed friendships with some of its members.

His semi-detached home was a two-minute walk from a terraced house where members of Al-Muhajiroun encouraged others to commit jihad during meetings under a marquee in the back garden. The group’s ringleaders were finally jailed last month after a lengthy undercover operation by counter terrorism officers. Sentencing them, Judge Michael Topolski QC said they encouraged ‘support for a bloodthirsty terrorist organisation’.

At one meeting in the marquee, a hate preacher called Mohammed Sufiyan Choudry, 23, told young children: ‘Imagine tomorrow 40 trucks were to drive down Oxford Street full of explosives. How much are you willing to sacrifice?’

At another, Rajib Khan, 38, a father of three, shouted: ‘We will be victorious. We are on the offensive right now.’ Khan’s nephew Junead Khan, 26, who was present at several of the meetings, hatched a plot to stage a road accident and then execute a US airman outside a base in East Anglia.

He was jailed for life last year after the court heard he was planning to leave the country and join Islamic State with a third member of the family, Shazib Khan, 24, who was jailed for eight years. Junead and Shazib lived in a modern semi 200 yards from Masood’s home.

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