Wes says…

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Wes Huntley: Greetings, gentlemen.
Welcome to the new Middle Ages.
There will be violence,
destruction and savagery…
…never dreamed of.
But, if you are prepared…
…this will be a time to treasure.
For all of you.
You are the kings of the future.
Did you pass…? Did you pass out
the Supply Survivor Catalogues?
Hideaway brochures?
Wes’ man #1: I wasn’t supposed to
till you finished your speech.
Wes Huntley: I finished the “kings of the future”
speech. Look alive. Come on.
Please turn to page three of your
Supply Survival Catalogue.
When the end comes, there won’t be
supermarkets. No drugstores.
There will always be mail order.
And this is your life-line.
The two-dollar fee will be refunded
on your first purchase of over $50.
Sonny Paluso: This sounds stupid, but…
…won’t you get bored out here
if society doesn’t collapse?
Donald Quinelle: Wes says, society’s heading
for the big flush…
…we’ll be clinging to the rim
while everything falls.
Sonny Paluso: – What if things improve?
Donald Quinelle: – Is the air?
Sonny Paluso: – True.
Donald Quinelle: – The economy? The Middle East?
Arts? Literature?
Television? Presidents?
Sonny Paluso: Anyone can nitpick.
Donald Quinelle: Name one thing that’s improved
the last decade.
– See.
Candice Paluso: – Video games.
Sonny Paluso: – Video games. There you are.
Donald Quinelle: – All right. I acknowledge that.
But society will deteriorate.
Sonny Paluso: But hiding up here in the hills,
it seems so un-American.
Donald Quinelle: We won’t stay forever.
When the shit hits the fan,
pardon me, we’ll come take over.
Now you can’t get any more American
than that, can you?
See that attache case that man has?
In that case are Wes’ plans
for the restructuring of society.
Boy. Think about that.
A whole new society.
We’ll be part of it.

The Survivors (1983)