We’re not forgetting it

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Britons once did loyally declaim
About the way we ruled the waves.
Every Briton’s song was just the same
When singing of her soldier-braves.
All the world had heard it–
Wondered why we sang,
And some have learned the reason why–
But we’re not forgetting it
And we’re not letting it
Fade away and gradually die,
Fade away and gradually die.
So when we say that England’s master,
Remember who has made her so.
It’s the soldiers of the Queen, my lads,
Who’ve been, my lads, who’ve seen, my lads.
In the fight for England’s glory, lads,
When we’ve had to show them what we mean:
And when we say we’ve always won
And when they ask us how it’s done,
We’ll proudly point to every one
Of England’s soldiers of the Queen.