Welcome EU candidate state, Ruritania

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Commission promotes two of the poorest countries in Europe to accession status

The UK will continue paying for this EU enlargement under the deal negotiated by Mrs May

Under EU Commission plans two more very poor Balkans states are to join EU within seven years

Brexit is ‘opportunity to bring the Western Balkan peninsular on board’

Total of five Balkan states including Turkey now have accession status

In most instances of a club welcoming new members, it is the prospective members who have to pay a joining fee. This is not the case with the EU.

It’s the EU that effectively pays the prospective members to join. In the latest 2014-2020 multi-annual financial framework (MFF), the EU has allocated €11.7bn (approximately £10.2bn) for this purpose. This is on top of the €11.3bn in the previous MFF.

Strangely, when a country wishes to leave the club, the EU insists on what is a effectively a leaving fee. As part of this fee, Mrs May has agreed to continue footing the bill for the EU to enlarge its membership.

This is one of the enormous number of areas of the EU’s activities in which it seems wholly inappropriate – whatever the additional arguments for paying nothing – to pay anything towards the EU’s efforts to annex even more of the European continent to its sinister totalitarian nightmare.


This is a very difficult region in many ways, torn apart following the collapse of the former Yugoslavia.

Readers will no doubt wish the six Western Balkan countries well in their gradual development following some difficult decades. The UK had and still has a significant presence in the region, though we look forward to the day when the Foreign Office is not constrained by the ‘foreign policy’ of the EU and can act with complete independence.

A great deal of UK Aid has been sent to the region over the years. Some British aid has been misleadingly ‘badged’ as EU Aid, but this will change eventually, once the UK has left the EU.


Based on the innumerable speeches we have listened to, Ms Mogherini is no admirer of the United Kingdom. She studied political science in Italy and France and did her dissertation on Islam. She spent the first eight years of her political life as a member of the Italian Communist Youth Federation.

It seems Ms Mogherini is happy to replace the UK with two more countries whose combined GDP is less than 1% of the UK’s. Good luck with that, Federica.


The fact that the EU is having to point to the Western Balkans as an indication of how “The power of attraction of the EU is still extremely strong”, to quote Mogherini, is beyond parody. It demonstrates just how bad things are in the EU.

In her address to the World Economic Forum last year, Ms Mogherini explained that soon she will have the responsibility for the EU’s future relations with the UK, saying that she ‘will have the file’ once the EU’s initial demands have been met. It is disappointing to hear her expressing the anticipated outcome in terms of the UK being ‘the losers’.

This is the unappetizing flavour of the organization the British people wisely voted overwhelmingly to leave