We demand our rightful share of the EU’s assets

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Pay the EU £90bn? No! Non! Nein! From £12bn in loans to £2.5bn on the NHS, LEO McKINSTRY explains why they owe us £58bn


4 May 2017

Since Theresa May formally triggered Article 50, the EU has been forced to confront the reality that Britain is leaving the EU.

In response, its money-grabbing leaders have wasted no time in demanding a colossal ‘exit fee’ which has now been ramped up to 100 billion euros – or £85 billion.

Yet our negotiating team should point out that the EU could well be said to owe us money.

In view of our record as a generous contributor, they should argue that we are now entitled to part of the value of those assets that we helped to create. The UK government could also point out the vast amounts of our cash that have been squandered on misspent programmes and failed projects.

Here is the basis for a substantial claim which, in my view, our Government would be justified in presenting to Mr Barnier.

Some of the figures are based on real liabilities to the UK, others are in proportion to our annual contribution to Brussels, which amounts to about one-eighth (or 12.5 per cent) of the EU budget. Additionally, several of the sums are assessed over seven years, which is the length of the budget cycle in Brussels, known as ‘the financial perspective’.

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