We can sell more to the EU without a free trade agreement

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More than 200 countries sell to the EU with no membership of either the Single Market or Customs Union

These non-EU and non-EEA countries sold £1.6 TRILLION of goods to the EU in 2017

These countries are successfully selling to the EU

These countries are not members of the Single Market but they sell successfully to the EU
They are not members of the Customs Union but they sell successfully to the EU
They are not members of the EEA but they sell successfully to the EU
They have control of their borders, their money, and their laws, but they sell successfully to the EU
And the only country in the top 40 with a full, ratified Free Trade Agreement with the EU is South Korea

These countries are:

Not paying billions of pounds per year for market access
Not having EU laws imposed on their parliament and their people
Not having EU regulations imposed on all their businesses, whether they sell to the EU or not
Not accepting 3.8m EU citizens into their territory
Not allowing the EU to try to take part of their territory
Not allowing the EU to take most of the fish in their territorial waters

If the vast majority of global sales into the EU come from countries which are not members of the EU’s Single Market or Customs Union, why shouldn’t the UK become one of them?

If more than 200 other countries can do it, why can’t the United Kingdom? This is the NORMAL way of selling to the EU.

It is a sad fact that for years MPs have been standing up in the House of Commons on a daily basis, telling the British people that membership of the EU’s Single Market and the EU’s Customs Union is essential. They lied.

This Brexit Facts4EU.Org report, based on analysis of official EU data, shows clearly that this is not the case.

The vast majority of sales into the EU are from independent countries over whom the EU does not have the dominance and control which it has been attempting to maintain over the United Kingdom since it voted to leave.

Trading with the EU like the rest of the world is normal. Remaining under its thumb is not.

Brexit Facts4EU.Org, Source: Official EU statistics for 2017, Eurostat

Reader Comments

James Bertram , Saturday, 30 November, 2019, 11:04:

Under Johnson’s ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ not only will we continue to pay billions of pounds to the EU, continue to have laws imposed on our parliament, people and businesses, have our defence and foreign policy compromised, our tax policy and ability to make trade deals compromised, and our fishing rights sold off, but Johnson has made it clear that he is prepared to sell out Northern Ireland, and has no intention of curbing immigration. The Conservative Party is a Remain party at heart. It has no intention of implementing the 2016 Referendum decision to Leave other than ‘in name only’. Why else do you think three and a half years on Brexit has not been delivered?

If you want Brexit then in all circumstances, where you have the option, vote for the Brexit Party. That is the only chance we have to Leave the EU properly and then, hopefully, we will never sign up to Johnson’s treacherous Withdrawal Agreement (aka Surrender Treaty). If Farage gets enough seats, he will kill this WA off from Day 1 of the new parliament.