We CAN save our country

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The Abyss Beckons

by Dick Franklin

Sometimes events that convince me of the validity of British Nationalism and the policies of Patria, come at such a rate that it makes my head spin. Consider the events of the last few days.

In India two sisters aged 14 and 15 are gang raped and then hanged by their abusers. Two of those arrested include policemen. In Lahore, a major city in Pakistan, a pregnant woman is stoned to death by members of her family. This is for some Sharia based “honour” transgression. In Sudan another young woman is sentenced to hang for the crime of changing her religion from Islam to Christianity. The fact that she has always been a Christian is neither here nor there. She is also given 100 lashes for the further crime of “adultery” – that is, marrying a Christian. India and Pakistan may be a long way away – or are they? Clearly they are not, as a visit to any of our larger cities or towns will demonstrate. As we know from so many recent and not so recent events and attitudes, many of these “racial minorities” bring their problems and attitudes with them.

Nearer to home, a mass of sub-Saharan Africans, would-be immigrants, breach the fence surrounding the Spanish enclave of Melilla (on the Moroccan coast) and 400 of them disappear into the town before police can restrain them. Under EU rules, they are now free to live in most parts of the European Union and many of these will try to gain entry to the “promised” land of the United Kingdom where all those lovely benefits await.

Even closer to home, at Calais only a few miles from the UK, French riot police once again break up would-be migrant camps because of the “deplorable hygiene” conditions. The police are met with violent resistance from these illegals who include Sudanese, Iraqis, Afghans, Eritreans and numerous other non-Europeans. The French do not detain these illegals on the grounds that they are refugees from war zones. As the weary local Calais residents point out, it is all a waste of time as the illegals will only gather together again nearby. In the absence of resolute action by the French, these illegals will continue their repeated efforts to smuggle themselves into the UK.

Frontex, the European Border Agency, estimates that up to 300,000 illegal immigrants will try to make the sea crossing from North Africa to mainland Europe this year alone. And now, the chairman of the Harrow Branch of UKIP is under the cosh for saying that parts of London have been ethnically cleansed of white people. State the obvious and you pay the price!

So what is to be done? Simple! Withdraw from the EU, PDQ. Withdraw British Border Agency staff from Calais and elsewhere in France and station them where they should be – at the British border. Stop all further non-white immigration dead. Strongly encourage one way repatriation with appropriate legislation, which would include the abolition of all current race relations Acts and regulations. The Border Agency should be beefed up to the size of a small army if necessary. They could then be employed effectively in rounding up illegals in the UK permanently. Those illegals found with papers will be repatriated as soon as practicable without protracted legal battles. Those without papers will be detained in purpose built Spartan facilities until they can produce papers and then they will be repatriated.

In addition, once out of the EU, with like minded European allies, we should create a large joint naval and air task force. This will patrol the Mediterranean and anywhere else necessary to deter and turn back the hordes of seaborne illegals.

There are approximately 66 million British (including legal immigrants). There are 1.2 billion Indians. Then there are the Pakistanis, Sudanese, Eritreans, Iraqis, etc, etc. There are a lot more of them than us. We are certainly facing the Abyss but not quite in it – but time is short.

Time to support and work for Patria and save our country.