We are the English – beware the anger of a patient people

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They tell us we must be prepared to contemplate, in fact to welcome, the alteration and alienation of our towns and cities. They tell us there is no such thing as our own people and our country. Indeed there is, and I say it in no mean or arrogant or exclusive spirit. What I know is that we have an identity of our own, as we have a territory of our own and that the instinct to preserve that identity, as to defend that territory, is one of the deepest and strongest implanted in mankind. I happen also to believe that the instinct is good and that its beneficent effects are not exhausted…In our time that identity has been threatened more than once. In the past it was threatened by violence and aggression from without. It is now threatened from within by the foreseeable consequences of a massive but unpremeditated and fortunately, in substantial measure, reversible immigration.

Enoch Powell MP, speech in Wolverhampton, 8 June 1969, quoted in the Times, 9 June 1969, p 3

What would Enoch Powell say if he were around today?

‘I told you so’? Or something much more eloquent?

I believe that he would be a member of Patria and would urge us and all our fellow patriots to continue to fight the good fight until we win the day and free our country once and for all from the danger that threatens the well-being of our people.

Come join us in Patria, the Home of Patriots!