War is Peace!

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The sinister proposals to curb free speech in the name of democracy outlined by Home Secretary, Theresa May, are entirely unjustifiable and dangerous encroachments on individual liberty by the political Establishment.

Is Mrs May aware of the slippery slope on which both she and we now stand? Is she and her Cabinet colleagues aware of the tragic irony of their imposition of western-style parliamentary democracy and its ideology of political ‘correctness’ on unwilling nations, while at the same time destroying democracy at home by undermining its most important safeguard – free speech?

Who is to decide which speeches, which articles, which leaflets, which web sites, which parties and which individuals are antidemocratic and should be banned? Members of that same political Establishment that is subverting our democracy through its extremist policies of permanent mass immigration from Africa and Asia, ‘ever closer union’ with the failed experiment of the European Union and institutionalized discrimination in favour of ethnic aliens at the expense of our people.

Would there be a threat to democracy here at home if Lib-Lab-Con had not for the past sixty years invited millions of culturally unassimilable individuals to colonize our land and treat it as their own? Of course not.

The 7/7 bombings, the public beheading of Drummer Lee Rigby and the sexual jihad against our most vulnerable children are all a part of the process of their treating our land as their own. It’s the kind of thing that used to happen in the middle east but not here. Thanks to immigration and political ‘correctness’ it now happens here as well.

The most effective actions that May and her fellow traitors in the Cabinet could take to safeguard democracy would be to end the mass immigration of culturally incompatible foreigners and to deport the millions of such individuals who are in the country illegally, as well as all convicted foreign criminals, failed asylum seekers and overstayers.

If the European Union and Council of Europe via the European Court of Human Rights present impediments to these actions, then we must withdraw from the former and renounce the European Convention on Human Rights.

Britain has an unwritten constitution which has, for hundreds of years, served us far better in maintaining the fundamental human rights and freedoms of our people than the written constitutions of our continental neighbours. These last are interpreted by politically-appointed judges and are long on words and short on liberty. ‘Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite’? We saw to what the rule of lawyers, rather than the rule of law led: directly to the Reign of Terror in France. And what of Germany, a country in which one can be arrested for raising one’s arm in the wrong way?

One might also point to the Soviet Union’s constitution of 1936 as a most impressive document, the many rights it guaranteed to its country’s citizens being unfortunately unenforceable against its despotic government. Yes, for some reason tyrants are often fond of inordinately prolix constitutions, full of legalese, that are in reality not worth the paper they are written on. It keeps the lawyers happy if they’re paid by the word – or paid even.

We need no phony new Bill of Rights for foreign lawyers to quibble over. The best defence of our freedom is our people themselves and their exercise of their right of free speech to censure those who would take our rights away from us.

We do not need to hold a referendum, the favourite device of dictators. We should instead demand a free vote of MPs in the House of Commons on the question of Britain’s immediate withdrawal from the failed EU.

But that would be far too democratic for the traitor trash of Lib-Lab-Con, many of whom are themselves ethnic aliens. These turkeys have a different plan in mind.

In short the turkeys wish to abolish Christmas by taking the politics out of politics. ‘Happy Holidays’ everyone!