Walk away, it’s the only way

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You may recall the British Prime Minister twice dashing off to Brussels last week.

Despite the unholy rush urged on the United Kingdom to agree Phase One talks in time for the EU Council Summit yesterday, the EU has now released a new negotiations document which sets a very leisurely timetable for talks starting next year.

The problem for Mrs May is that her statements regarding the government’s achievements in the Brexit talks have grown progressively less credible as the months have gone on.

In simple terms, the EU are once again demanding that the UK submit completely to its unreasonable demands for Phase Two talks. The document shows that they continue to think of the UK as an impoverished and desperate supplicant to be bossed around.

The document clearly states that the so-called ‘transition’ or ‘implementation’ period of around two years will mean that absolutely everything concerned with EU membership will apply to the UK – with the exception that the UK will no longer be able to vote on any of it.

It states that the UK will be bound by the ECJ, will have to accept continued free movement, and will be subject to the same demands for payments.

The UK will therefore continue to be in the EU until at least 2021, with all its requirements but without the powers of full membership.

It doesn’t matter how Mrs May or any politician wants to spin this. No normal person, with a normal understanding of the English language, could possibly interpret things any other way.

The UK will effectively remain in the EU.


Yesterday Mrs May continued to pretend that: “we will leave the EU on the 29 March 2019. We will be delivering the Brexit people voted for.”

Sorry, Prime Minister, but this is patently untrue. Based on the EU’s statements, which you did not immediately come out and contradict yesterday, there is no way in which those words are true.