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Skin Deep?

by Dick Franklin

How many times have you heard the argument “People should not be judged by the colour of their skin, after all colour is only skin deep”. Or perhaps “We are all the same under the skin”. To say otherwise makes you a “racist” and therefore beyond the Pale (!) and not to be tolerated. This facile argument has been used for decades to justify the policies which have led us to the multi-racism and multiculturalism (a meaningless expression) and the situation we find ourselves in today.

I can remember the furore that went up when the late eminent Professor Hans Eysenck published his Race, Intelligence & Education, in 1971. I quote him as follows “All the evidence to date suggests the…..overwhelming importance of genetic factors in producing the great variety of intellectual difference we observe in our culture and much of the difference observed between certain racial groups”. If he had said that today, would he be dragged through the courts I wonder?

I believe that someone even called him a closet Nazi, ignoring the fact that he was of Jewish ancestry. He had expressed his hatred of Hitler and Hitlerism more than once. One of his close relatives died in a concentration camp. His work has been virtually airbrushed from history now.

Well, the hornets’ nest has been stirred up again. A book called A Troublesome Inheritance by Nicholas Wade, an authoritative science writer has been published in the USA. He shows that with the sequencing of the human genome in 2003, the evidence of genetic differences is becoming overwhelming. He goes on to say that groups of people evolved in slightly different ways to adapt to the conditions they found themselves in. The most successful of these people passed their adaptations to their issue. Nothing revolutionary about that (unless you happen to be a leftist), that all sounds like classical Darwinism.

He goes on to say that the Industrial Revolution (which began in Britain) and the dominance of the West “is an event not just in history but also in human evolution”. He points out that in the 1950s the economies of Ghana and South Korea were at the same stage. Today the economy of South Korea is ranked 14th in the world, while that of Ghana has virtually ceased to exist. This, he says, is as a result of the different (dare we say more evolved) genes of East Asians as compared with Ghanaians.

If you cast your eyes over much of Africa and see how far it has sunk since the end of colonial rule, there seems to be no other ready explanation for this. Needless to say Wade has been denounced as a “racist”. Join the club.