Use the army to repel these criminal invaders

By August 9, 2015February 18th, 2021No Comments

Regarding a recent report in the media on the nature of people trafficking to the UK: there is no evidence of the car registrations other than the word of the reporter.

British cars can be driven by Asians, blacks and Eastern Europeans, none of whom are truly British. Being a British passport holder is very likely to mean Blair bought your loyalty for New Labour and you don’t give a hoot about the country.

Isn’t the real crime here that we could stop these multiracial spongers if we really wanted to, but there isn’t enough motivation? If the UK weren’t as attractive to this swarm of criminal invaders then there wouldn’t be a demand for trafficking. If a market is opened for criminals to exploit then that is what criminals will do.

Stop the freebies from publicly funded ‘charities’, unfair advantages in access to public sector employment, stop the benefits, translators and council houses for immigrants and the demand to come here will be considerably reduced.

But since the asylum shopping criminals, Islamic terrorists and HIV+ healthcare freeloaders would still try to sneak in to our country in order to get rich by, for example, pimping our children to others of their ilk already settled here, and/or dealing in illicit drugs, the army should be used to protect our borders and repel the invaders.

Join us in the fight for freedom!