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It Gets Warsi and Warsi

by Dick Franklin

“Baroness” Warsi, the first Muslim Cabinet Minister, recently resigned from David Cameron’s government on the grounds that it has neglected ethnic minority voters. She has also had a go at those immediately around Cameron because of their “public school” backgrounds and that they had dismissed her as a “brown working class woman who was not good enough to be a minister”. Apparently the final straw for her was when she was turned down for a better ministerial job. The rumour is that she expected to be made Foreign Secretary [she’s certainly foreign and might make someone a mediocre secretary – in a lean year].

The truth is that she was not good enough to be a minister, let alone a Cabinet minister. The truth is that she was extremely lucky to have got as far as she did. The truth is that she was only in the Cabinet because she was a “brown working class woman” and a Muslim at that. The only reason she was there was because Cameron wanted to improve the electoral standing of the Tory Party with ethnic minority voters. An effort which has failed dismally I am pleased to say.

It proves the old adage that once you start paying blackmail, you never stop. Warsi was elected by nobody. She had stood once (unsuccessfully) as a Tory candidate. All her other posts were political appointments. She was ennobled to baroness solely so that she could be given a ministerial post, allowing Cameron to display his “multicultural” credentials. She did not even have a real job. The ministerial post she held was specially created for her.

The problem with this kind of tokenist behaviour by Cameron, is that you end up with a cuckoo in the nest. Even the limited role she had was beyond her abilities as quickly became clear. Those close to Cameron have suggested that far from being promoted, she was likely to have been given the chop. Hence she jumped before she was pushed.

The ignoble baroness has suggested that Cameron is a hypocrite. At least she got that one right.