UKIP limited

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The particular problems in UKIP have arisen from there being the very mentality at the top to which we all object. In a word, Oligarchic. Power held by a privileged few in the know around a particular personality. This has resulted in a Top-down, closed, unaccountable, self serving mentality which determines what the leadership does, and how it reacts.

It explains all the problems members and activists have had in dealing with the national leadership, and it explains why the Party has suffered so much scandal exposed in the media. Self serving opportunists attract self serving opportunists. And this explains our financial losses and our failure to break through in representation at Westminster in 2015.

Despite a massive wave of support reflected in 3.8 million votes, there was no breakthrough anywhere, and we were reduced to one MP who had his previous majority slashed by 2/3s. The self serving elite interfered in the selection of local candidates by putting in their own preferences, regardless of the local situation, displacing known UKIP activists. These people presumed upon the electorate, and the Party paid the price

Ray Catlin