UKIP is not the answer

By July 26, 2017February 18th, 2021No Comments

I urge all British nationalists and patriots to take a look at UKIP’s policy on immigration. It is set out on page 32 of their 2017 General Election Manifesto.

Leaving aside the obvious point that if immigration were really the priority for UKIP that they and the Establishment media pretend then it would be at the top of page 1 of their manifesto, UKIP’s offering on immigration still talks in terms of the deliberately misleading and meaningless concept of net migration.

UKIP’s most senior figures, most if not all of whom appear to be the children and grandchildren of immigrants not of British descent, are fully signed up to the Lib-Lab-Con project of the race replacement of the English in our own homeland by stealth.

Why is the term net migration meaningless and the language of the enemy? For this simple reason: it presumes that any foreigner has as much of a right to settle permanently in our country as an Englishman has to live here; and that immigration policy should be merely a matter of counting heads, so many in and so many out, with any questioning of ethnic origin being shouted down as ‘racist’.

If 500,000 Africans and Asians were to enter England in 2017-18 with a view to permanent settlement and in that same year 410,000 of our own English people were to emigrate in despair, then the Tories’ empty promise to cut net immigration to the tens of thousands would finally have been realized. But would our people, as a people, be any better off than before? I think not. As a people would we not in fact be worse off than before? This demonstrates the meaninglessness of the term net migration and the way it is used by our enemies, the Establishment parties, including UKIP, to muddy the waters of political debate.

UKIP, in its manifesto, speaks of the need for a certain volume of immigration in order to meet skills shortages in our country. This is so absurd as to border on the surreal. Their implication is that the country that made the world’s first industrial revolution, the country whose ingenious people have made more scientific and technical advances, more practical inventions, than any other, requires an annual influx of hundreds of thousands of Third World and Eastern European immigrants in order to prosper. The very opposite is the case. Our survival as an advanced industrial society depends upon ending this annual influx and indeed reversing it. If all immigration by persons not of British ancestry were ended tomorrow, the English would begin again to acquire the access to employment and training in their own land that is their birthright.

Furthermore, UKIP’s ban on any former member of a nationalist party joining UKIP is definitive proof of their hostility to genuine nationalists and patriots and to everything for which we stand and have always stood.

So UKIP is not the answer. But is it electable? It would seem that it is not electable either. Despite the lavish financial backing of a clutch of multi-millionaires and the sustained and priceless publicity provided it and its former leader, Farage, by the BBC and corporate media, it crashed and burnt at the last local elections and at the recent general election. UKIP seems as far away as ever it was from winning a seat in parliament.

If electability is in the eye of the electorate then UKIP is unelectable, by any reasonable standard of judgement.

We know, of course, that the electorate is not static and electors can change their minds. However, UKIP, despite all the advantages bestowed upon it by the political and media Establishment, has failed in its own terms to make the breakthrough for which its misguided grass-roots hoped. What it has succeeded in doing is serving the purpose of the Establishment, its ultimate paymaster, by helping to scupper a genuine nationalist party that seemed for a few brief years to present a growing challenge to that Establishment’s betrayal of the English.

There are undoubtedly many good patriots within UKIP. Our task as nationalists is to awaken them to the true nature of the party they innocently support and show them a better alternative, the path of British nationalism.