UKIP hopeful charity worker Naz (and her mum) lost it big time

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Asian Ukip candidate who fled to Pakistan after twice being convicted of calling Tesco worker ‘a f***ing foreigner’ is jailed for three months in her absence

The daughter of Pakistani immigrants, Sam Naz launched foul-mouthed ‘racist’ tirade at fellow Muslim Mohammed Watfa

Trolley collector Mr Watfa tried to intervene as Naz was attacked by a shopper

Naz, 34, was found guilty for the second time after appealing first conviction

Judge labelled mother-of-two ‘bigoted and cruel’ with ‘not one iota of humility’

Naz had gone to Pakistan to get medical treatment for her daughter


11 December 2017

A former UKIP candidate who fled to Pakistan after she was convicted of calling a Tesco worker a ‘f***ing foreigner’ has been jailed for three months in her absence.

Blackfriars Crown Court heard Sam Naz, 34, launched a foul-mouthed ‘racist’ tirade at trolley collector Mohammed Watfa at a Tesco in Leyton, east London.

Naz – who finished fifth in her bid to oust Zac Goldsmith as MP for Richmond Park and North Kensington – turned on Mr Watfa, 49, when he tried to intervene as she was attacked by another shopper.

In his scathing sentencing remarks, the judge labelled the mother-of-two ‘bigoted and cruel’ as he said there was ‘not one iota of humility in her’.

The court heard how Naz claimed she had been throttled by a male customer, who was never traced, and shoved into a parked car on March 22, 2015.

She then lost her temper and turned on Mr Watfa after the man sped off, calling him a ‘f***ing b***ard’, a ‘f***ing foreigner’ and taunting: ‘What kind of f***ing foreigner are you?’

Naz insisted throughout three trials that Mr Watfa was the aggressor who sparked the row by helping her assailant flee before telling her ‘you f***ing deserved it’.

The first jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court failed to reach verdicts before she was convicted and fined £1,500 at the same court following a retrial last September.

But she appealed and the conviction was quashed in February this year.

She stood trial for a third time last month and was found guilty for a second time of ‘racially aggravated’ intentional harassment.

Blackfriars Crown Court heard she has since flown to Pakistan for one of her daughters to receive medical treatment.

‘She is not happy with the treatment in the UK,’ said her barrister, Rupert Russell.

The judge, Mr Recorder Dafydd Enoch QC branded the stunt a ‘delaying tactic’.

‘So, it has got nothing to do with the fact that she is facing a jail sentence today?’ he asked.

When Mr Russell suggested Naz would not be staying abroad and was ‘not a flight risk’, the judge added: ‘That is exactly what she has done.’

‘I take the view that this is a blatant attempt to avoid the inevitable,’ he said.

After making it clear her sentence would not be increased by her ‘deliberate absence’, the judge jailed her for three months for her ‘sustained, deliberate and cruel racist tirade’.

Jurors heard Mr Watfa approached Naz to see if she was ok after spotting a man with his fist clenched and ready to punch the mother-of-two.

He described separating the pair and directing the stranger back to his own car, which Naz was dragged behind as she clung on in an attempt to stop him leaving.

After berating his failure to help, the supermarket worker claimed Naz’s verbal abuse quickly escalated into a foul-mouthed barrage ending with the charity worker hissing at him: ‘What kind of f***ing foreigner are you?’

Mr Watfa claimed he heard the same slurs of ‘you f***ing immigrant’ and ‘he’s a racist, he’s a bastard, he’s a c**t, he’s a f***ing foreigner’ repeated as many as 50 times.

Jurors heard Naz initially told officers the allegations were part of ‘a Muslim IS conspiracy’ from within Walthamstow’s Asian community.

She also berated the officer in the case for ‘believing a bunch of terrorists over me’, the court heard.

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