UKIP has hypocrisy down to a fine art

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After being banned from working for her husband, Nigel Farage’s wife gets a new job – with UKIP MEP

Kirsten Farage forced to look for work after EU banned family employees

Came as Ukip leader revealed he paid her £27,000 a year to be his secretary

Now German-born Kirsten employed by MEP Ray Finch, close ally of Farage


10 August 2014

Nigel Farage’s wife has got another job working for Ukip – after being banned from working for her husband.

Party leader Mr Farage confessed earlier this year that he was paying his wife £27,000 a year from his parliamentary allowances, funded by the taxpayer, to work as his secretary – despite declaring in 2004 that ‘Ukip MEPs will not employ wives’ and ‘there will be no exceptions’.

Now, after the EU introduced new rules banning the employment of family members, his wife Kirsten has been forced to look elsewhere for work – and has found it with another Ukip MEP.

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Patria says:-

Double bubble for the Farages, at taxpayers’ expense of course. No wonder Nigel wants to leave the EU – not!

Compare and contrast: Dick Franklin, Patria candidate for Bournemouth West at the general election on 7 May, has pledged he will neither employ members of his family on his MP payroll, nor claim expenses in connection with his work.

It is typical of the corruption at the heart of both UKIP and the foreign body that keeps it alive, the European ‘parliament’, that they tried to hoodwink the electorate into believing they had taken effective action against nepotism. When they always intended to leave a rather large loophole for parasites to wriggle through.

But there is no end to the contempt with which UKIP insults the intelligence of the public. In a recently aired TV programme Farage even had the effrontery to claim he was unaware his wife was now employed by another UKIP MEP, ‘close ally’, Ray Finch.

Europhilia, ie, the love of a particular foreign currency, is rife among the brass of UKIP’s Barmy Army.