UKIP bigwigs lay waste party in Newcastle

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Three UKIP councillors in Newcastle resign from party

By Phil Corrigan

March 20, 2015

THREE UKIP borough councillors in Newcastle have today resigned from the party.

Group leader Derrick Huckfield and fellow councillors Eileen Braithwaite and David Woolley, together with former Newcastle branch chairman David Nixon, have all left UKIP following a long-running internal row.

The three councillors are now sitting as independent members of Newcastle Borough Council.

Mr Huckfield, who is also a county councillor, said the four had not attended branch meetings in eight months after being ‘sacked’ as officials.

He claimed this came after the national party started interfering with local party issues and ‘parachuting’ candidates into the borough.

The resignations come on the same day as UKIP MEP for the South East Janice Atkinson was suspended by the party following allegations of a fraudulent expenses claim.

Mr Huckfield said: “This has been going on for the last eight months and things have finally come to a head.

“We’ve been building up UKIP in Newcastle from nothing over the last 10 years, but we haven’t attended a meeting in eight months.

“People from the party came in and told us our leaflets were rubbish and we had to change them, because they were black and white rather than colour.

“We’ve been doing this for 10 years and as long as people can read your leaflets I don’t think it matters. They wanted someone from London to stand for Parliament here, but we wanted to interview him ourselves.

“Then they decided on a candidate – Phil Wood – who I’d never even heard of.

“We’re all just disillusioned with UKIP now” [With good reason, Derrick. Why not join Patria?]

Mr Huckfield said the final straw came with the allegations about Ms Atkinson.

A national newspaper reported how a member of the MEP’s staff had apparently asked a restaurant for an inflated invoice so money could be ‘repatriated’ from the EU.

Mr Huckfield added: “Ukip are supposed to be against all the expenses scandals, but really they’re no different from the main parties.

“All the new people coming into the party now just see pound signs.

“They don’t really want to leave the EU as that’s where they’re getting their money”[Well said, that man! Truer words were never spoken.]

The resignations leave UKIP with two borough councillors in Newcastle and a single county councillor in Staffordshire.

Mike Green, UKIP constituency manager for Staffordshire, said: “The three councillors who have resigned have been UKIP councillors in name only for several months since they detached themselves from the local constituency branch.

“Their leaving the party closes the door on an unfortunate situation of their own making.

“The local branch is looking forward to adding several new councillors following the upcoming elections”[Dream on, Mike].

Stoke Sentinel

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UKIP are now showing their true colours. And they’re not the red, white and blue of the good old Union Jack, but the yellow and blue of the EU flag.

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