Two cheers for the News!

By January 10, 2013February 18th, 2021No Comments

It’s always nice to receive the oxygen of publicity (provided it’s good publicity, of course) and the folk at the News in Portsmouth have happily obliged with a reasonably fair write-up of the launch of Patria.

It should be pointed out, in the interest of accuracy, that Patria is committed to the repatriation of foreign criminals, illegal immigrants, overstayers and bogus asylum seekers, rather than “non-British residents” as a whole, as the article implies. While Patria will develop and promote a financially assisted scheme of voluntary repatriation, for British citizens who are ethnic aliens, it should be emphasized that this will be purely voluntary. No one who is in the country legally will be compelled to leave.

And, of course, Patria is not “far right”. This is a pejorative label which is routinely used by the ‘mainstream’ media, its purpose being to elicit a knee-jerk reaction of disapproval from the public.

Patria is neither left nor right, but patriotic. Our aim is to transcend the outworn and increasingly meaningless left-right paradigm of politics and to create a new politics of national interest for our people.