Turn again, Dick Whittington

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Well, the Christmas/yule-tide festivities are drawing to a close and the thoughts of patriots are rightly turning once more to the task of rescuing our country and our folk from the tide of alien colonization that threatens to engulf them and dispossess us of all we hold dear.

How best to oppose this hollowing out of our society is the burning question of the day, indeed of our generation.

It is important always to remember that, in spite of the inevitable vicissitudes of the great game of politics, all is not lost. You, we, are not defeated, though it may be that some may think we are. One is never defeated until one admits defeat to oneself.

Did Alfred the Great (he had to earn that title by never for one moment admitting defeat), or Robert the Bruce, give up and throw in the towel when events appeared to conspire against them and their cause appeared to be lost? Of course not – patriots are made of sterner stuff.

But they were kings, I hear some of you say, what can little old me do? Certainly they were kings, but kings without a kingdom, kings whose kingdom had been occupied by foreign invaders. Alfred was on the run like a common outlaw and was so distracted that he allowed an old woman’s cakes to burn while he was sheltering in her hovel. Robert the Bruce was hiding in a cave and seeing a spider persevering in spinning its web, despite failure after failure, drew renewed inspiration from the tiny creature’s single-minded persistence.

Every man with honour is a king, but not all kings have honour.

Queen Victoria said “We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; they do not exist”.

It is when the whole world seems to be against one (or perhaps worse, to regard one with studied indifference) that one may be most confident of being in the right.

It is always darkest just before the dawn and as at Agincourt, the fewer the men, the greater share of glory.

The prospects for a genuine patriotic party such as Patria and the need for our party has never been greater. While the social conditions which called us into being remain and indeed worsen, as they do, the prospects of success at the ballot box continue to be enlarged geometrically.

The position of the political Establishment (Lib-Lab-Con in Britain) always appears to be impregnable until just before their collapse. And the Establishment-approved side-show parties, whose function is to divert our people into wasting their energy in controlled ‘opposition’, must also be discredited, before the electorate, growing numbers of whom are hungry for real change, will turn to Patria.

The good news is that this has already happened. The sham nationalist party was irretrievably ruined four years ago and is dying a slow death, running on empty, for all its leader’s risible bombast. While the party of greed and opportunism, devoid of either principle or policy, is also now exposing itself for what it is (see its leader’s recent wobble over the Syrian ‘refugee’ question).

We in Patria do not dress up as fairies while claiming not to enjoy it. Nor are we food banksters; though if we were to set up a food bank it would not need a bail-out.

Membership remains at a mere ten pounds for the second year running, which is a good indication that we are not in politics for the wrong reasons. The democratic leadership (a leadership of equals, as stated in our constitution) of Patria work for a living, or receive the state retirement pension. We do not leech off the subscriptions and donations of our members, turning what should be a selfless moral crusade into a grubby family business. ‘The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again: but the righteous sheweth mercy and giveth.’ Psalms, 37:21.

We also leave the pursuit of Brussels pelf to those for whom feathering their own nest is so evidently item number one on their (barely hidden) agenda. Britain cannot leave the EU from Brussels or Strasbourg, even were patriotic and nationalist parties to hold a majority of seats in the European ‘parliament’ (which is far from being the case). Britain can only leave the EU from the UK parliament. All participation in the proceedings of the European ‘parliament’ achieves is to grant a bogus nimbus of legitimacy to an institution which was designed to give a veneer of democracy to the project of undermining the nation state, its sovereignty and political independence.

Well, not quite all: it is also the kiss of death for any patriotic or nationalist party unwise enough to become embroiled with it. Its bloated salaries and expenses culture causes a destructive ‘them and us’ divide to open up between activists who are ‘on the payroll’ in some way and those who are not. It is the very same damaging divide that opened up years earlier between activists who were on a nationalist party’s own payroll and those who were not, but writ large.

And it is not unlikely that this outcome was envisaged and intended by the powers that be, all along.

Join us in Patria (or renew your membership) and help to make 2014 ‘the Year of Patria’.