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JP Morgan boss hints company may leave UK if Britain exits EU

THE boss of JP Morgan – Dorset’s biggest private sector employer – has hinted the bank could quit the UK if Britain leaves the European Union.

Chief executive Jamie Dimon was among several investment bankers in Davos to support the In campaign while the World Economic Forum was taking place there.

He was quoted as saying: “Britain’s been a great home for financial companies and [EU membership] has benefited London quite a bit. We’d like to stay there, but if we can’t, we can’t.”

JP Morgan’s 19,000 UK staff include 4,000 at its Chaseside operation in Bournemouth, where it has had a base for almost 30 years.

The bank announced in 2014 that it would spend £28.6million on improving the premises.

It is believed JP Morgan has made a donation to the In campaign, but Mr Dimon refused to reveal the amount involved.

He added: “I can’t tell the British people what to do, it’s up to them.”

David Cameron had called on business leaders in Davos to support him in keeping Britain in the EU.

David Darling, chairman of the Dorset Out campaign against EU membership, said: “Some of these groups and organisations also said they would leave the UK many years ago if we didn’t join the euro currency. Look what a mess this country would be in if we had followed that advice.

“Some organisations like Barclays and HSBC and others had said it doesn’t matter to them if we as a country were in our out.

“Businesses must do what’s right for them but from a banking and business standpoint nothing in Europe, as far as I’m aware, can surpass the City of London. If somebody wants to be where the action is, it’s the UK they need to be in.”

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de Montfort 2:41pm Sun 24 Jan 16

Observe the cuff links this banker is wearing. Is Mr Dimon an American, by any chance?

Perhaps he also supports TTIP, as the green light for US based multinational companies to dismantle and loot our public services – all in the name of profit for their largely foreign shareholders.

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Trust me, I’m a banker. Says it all, really.