Trump talks turkey on jihadist threat

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Donald Trump slams Muslims for failing to report suspicious activity within their own communities but Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May says he’s ‘plain wrong’

Republican presidential candidate criticises ‘outrageous’ Brussels attack

Says it’s ‘a disgrace’ that Paris attack suspect evaded capture in his area

Salah Abdeslam had been hiding in Brussels neighbourhood for 4 months

Mr Trump tells ITV that when Muslims ‘see trouble they aren’t reporting it’

But Theresa May dismisses his claims as ‘absolutely not the case’

The Home Secretary says we should ‘unite communities not divide them’

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23 March 2016

Donald Trump condemned Muslims today for failing to report suspicious activity within their own communities – insisting they must do more to help prevent attacks such as those in Belgium.

The US Republican presidential candidate said it was ‘a disgrace’ that a suspect behind last year’s Paris attacks had been found after a long manhunt by police in an area of Brussels where he lived.

Mr Trump, who wants a ban on Muslims entering the US, condemned the ‘outrageous’ attacks on the Brussels airport and metro yesterday and said he would ‘hit ISIS so hard you wouldn’t believe it’.

But Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May hit back this afternoon, declaring that Mr Trump was ‘absolutely plain wrong’ to blame Muslims for failing to report extremists.

Ms May said police must work with Muslim communities – as they do in Britain – to ‘ensure that everything we do is about uniting our communities and not about dividing them’.

When he made his controversial pledge to ban Muslims from the US in December Mr Trump caused uproar in Britain by claiming that parts of London were so radicalised that they were ‘no-go areas’ for police because they were ‘scared for their lives’.

Speaking to U.S. Editor-at-Large Piers Morgan onITV’s Good Morning Britain, Mr Trump said: ‘When they see trouble they have to report it, they are not reporting it, they are absolutely not reporting it and that’s a big problem.’

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