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LETTER: Time to listen

01 February 2015

DESPITE the pledge and excellent work undertaken by the Fire & Rescue Service, West Sussex County Council’s continuing failure to listen to the views of what local communities want and push on with major cuts to essential services that really matter to people will come at a very high cost despite reassurances to the contrary.

Recent terrorist attacks in Paris, emergencies at Gatwick Airport involving aircraft and a fire under the terminal buildings, serious house fires in Crawley together with a continued risk of flooding and road accidents all go to show that very real risks to public safety will always remain despite positive preventative work.

It is therefore absolutely essential that all our emergency services are sufficiently resilient and adequately resourced to safeguard both emergency service personnel and the public they serve.

It is time for the residents of West Sussex to be given accurate facts and proper choices, including the option of paying a higher rate of council tax to maintain essential services that protect us all.

Some issues are more important than political posturing, something our elected representatives would do well to remember.

Kevin Trust
St Marys Meadow

6:10 PM on 07/02/2015

Dr Andrew Emerson says

Unfortunately the choice is not even between paying a higher council tax and receiving a poorer service. Under any combination of the pro-immigration Lib-Lab-Con, SNP, UKIP, Green, etc, in government at Westminster, at local level we will be paying more in council tax for a poorer level of service. Not only the Fire and Rescue Service but also the armed forces, NHS, police, libraries, social services, roads – all will face cuts.

Only one budget is treated as sacrosanct by the multiculti bigots of the political Establishment and their media molls. What is it? That’s right – you guessed it. The £15 billion in foreign aid government intends to borrow at interest and then hand over to the corrupt and often hostile rulers of countries such as Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Argentina.

That £15 billion and the £8.5 billion it costs to remain part of the failed experiment of the European Union should be spent here at home on creating jobs and improving services for our own people.

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Chichester Observer