Till either of us gets itchy feet

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Dear Marriage supporter

We have written to supporters before about the misguided campaign by an alliance of MPs, high net-worth family lawyers and pressure groups to tear up our divorce laws.

They aim to replace the present system, where the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage must be proven, with one in which no reason would need to be given for believing the marriage has failed.

If they succeed, they will destroy the idea that marriage is for life. Either spouse would effectively be able to resign from a marriage at will.

The spouse who was loyal to their wedding vows would have less legal protection in the marital home than a tenant under an assured tenancy.

Often called ‘no-fault’ divorce, what is really being proposed is ‘no-reason’ divorce, and with it an end to the notion that marriage should be for life except in exceptionally difficult circumstances.

A crucial issue

The Coalition for Marriage has spoken consistently against no-reason divorce.

I was pleased to receive a letter from Lucy Frazer QC MP on behalf of the Ministry of Justice last week, in which she confirmed that the department does not presently intend to alter the law despite the pressure on them to do so.

In order to support the law as it stands we have produced the following paper – No Good Reason: The Case Against No-Reason Divorce – which has been shared with a wide range of policy makers.

Please download the paper to see our arguments in depth, and thank you for your support which has enabled us to be the leading opponent of these irresponsible proposals.

Yours sincerely

Thomas Pascoe
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage (C4M)