This madness must end sometime – why not now?

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This child’s death was tragic but it was not our fault


4 September 2015

By any standards, it was a horrible, harrowing, heart-wrenching image. A young boy, washed up dead on a Mediterranean beach, cradled in the arms of a Turkish policeman.

I defy anyone with a shred of humanity not to be moved by the photograph, which was beamed into our living rooms by television and plastered over the front page of yesterday’s newspapers.

We are told that it was the body of Syrian three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, who drowned along with his five-year-old brother, their mother and eight others when a recklessly overloaded rubber dinghy transporting them from Turkey to the Greek island of Kos capsized and sank.

But if this stark picture graphically illustrated the tragic human cost of the tidal wave of migrants trying to enter mainland Europe, the reaction to it has been deranged.

Objective reporting, especially on the broadcast media, has been thrown out of the window, to be replaced by New Age emoting and political posturing on behalf of the ‘Let Them All In’ and ‘We’re All To Blame’ Brigade. It has proved once again Stalin’s cynical maxim that while one death is always a tragedy, a million deaths is a mere statistic.

In this case, one photogenic dead child is worth in propaganda terms a million times the lives of the estimated 2,000-plus people who have died trying to cross the Med in the past year. Not to mention the tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children still being slaughtered by ISIS, which the West refuses to properly confront [One Iraq war was one too many. Just out of interest, how many ‘refugees’ are Israel taking?].

Within minutes of this photo being screened, preening pundits were queueing up to parade their [phony] compassion.

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Patria says:-

These criminal invaders from Africa and Asia are neither refugees nor genuine asylum seekers. According to the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees, genuine asylum seekers must apply for asylum in the first safe country they reach. Turkey is safe for Muslims, as is Libya and Morocco. Consequently, any attempt to enter Greece, or Italy, or Spain, illegally, invalidates any claim to genuine refugee status on the part of those who make the attempt.

Furthermore, most of the criminal invaders, for that is what they are, have crossed many other safe countries in their journey to the welfare states of the EU.

In the words of one of these individuals, they want to better their condition. What they do not say and what our political and media Establishment also conveniently forget to mention, is that they wish to do so at our expense.

The criminal invaders have contributed nothing to the welfare states of Europe. Yet when they arrive they, like the other ethnic aliens in our midst, are treated better than our own people. Our elderly English folk are denied life-saving treatment by an NHS into which they have paid all their working lives, while our government advertises in Africa for HIV+ people to come to Britain for free treatment for life, social housing, education, jobs and benefits.

How can this and other examples of institutionalized discrimination against us, in access to social housing, higher education and public sector employment, be seen as anything but a concerted jihad against the English by the political and media Establishment? Millions of our people are unemployed or underemployed and lack a home of their own. Yet still the daily diet of Establishment sponsored propaganda, in favour of more and ever more immigration of unassimilable ethnic aliens from the Third World, continues.

As usual, Britain is the final destination of choice for the great majority of these asylum shopping criminals. Once granted the citizenship of any other EU country they can enter Britain legally and join the millions who are in our country illegally and the more millions whose residence is now deemed legal by the traitors in government.

By their seemingly irresolute response to this criminal invasion, Cameron and co and other EU leaders are actually encouraging it, probably deliberately.

How would our own country have fared in the past, when faced with civil war or invasion, if our people had fled en masse, instead of facing the danger and opposing it, securing both their own safety and that of their fellow citizens?

The army must be deployed both to protect our borders from this criminal invasion and to assist the police in rounding up and deporting the millions who are in the country illegally.

Long term, the solution lies in leaving the EU and renouncing the European Convention on Human Rights. We shall then be free to put our house in order without interference from supranational bodies such as the unelected and antidemocratic European Commission and Court of Human Rights.

Remember to vote ‘No’ to EUrabia in the forthcoming referendum.

Patria is the only party to stand against the political and media Establishment’s jihad against the English.

Join us in the fight for freedom!