This is what Lib-Lab-Con does with the tax you pay

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The leader who takes a fortune from the state she attacks: Black Lives Matter eco-warrior receives taxpayers’ money to fund her globetrotting ‘profession’ as a protester

Natalie Jeffers, 36, is sole director of company called Matters of the Earth

She has received around £100,000, most of which is taxpayers’ money

Miss Jeffers campaigns against ills of capitalism to the ‘racist’ Tory Party

She has made at least seven intercontinental flights this year and contributes to blog ‘Confessions Of A Jetsetter’


17 September 2016

Beer in hand, Natalie Jeffers poses for a photograph in a New York gallery. On the wall behind her, the following words are inscribed: ‘Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about money. JUST GO. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be!’.

Or better still, be like Jeffers — and combine both experience and money.

Take last weekend, for instance. She was relaxing in the £200-a-night Costa do Sauipe resort in Brazil. With one of the country’s best beaches, it has nine swimming pools, 12 restaurants and a spa.

No doubt she would argue that it wasn’t all pleasure — the dreadlocked 36-year-old was there to speak at the ‘black feminisms forum’ of the annual congress of the Association for Women’s Rights in Development.

Similarly, in New York in March, as well as fitting in an art gallery or two, she attended the United Nations’ 60th annual Commission on the Status of Women as part of a project to educate Nigerian men on the ‘gender imbalance’ within their country.

Nice work if you can get it. But then, Miss Jeffers seems to have that down to a fine art.

The Mail can reveal that her company, Matters of the Earth, of which she’s the sole director and shareholder, has received grants and funding totalling more than £100,000 — the majority of which is taxpayers’ money.

The money comes from a range of government departments — including, inevitably, the Department for International Development and its bloated foreign aid budget — allowing Miss Jeffers to establish herself as a globetrotting professional protester.

So it is that at the same time as filling her pockets with public money, she campaigns against everything from the ills of capitalism to the ‘racist’ Tory Party.

For Miss Jeffers is the co-founder of the organisation called Black Lives Matter UK (BLMUK) whose activists were fined this week for shutting down City Airport in London — having previously blocked access roads to Heathrow and Birmingham airports, causing chaos.

Why, if they genuinely believe that airports are such a valid target, do these people have to fly all over the world themselves?

Miss Jeffers has made at least seven intercontinental flights this year and even contributes to a blog called ‘Confessions Of A Jetsetter’.

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