Third rate staff for a Third World NHS

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Gynaecologist who swindled the NHS out of £100,000 by moonlighting as a locum on paid sick leave is jailed after transferring money to Nigerian bank account instead of paying it back

Dr Anthony Madu, 46, secretly carried out well-paid locum work at hospitals

However he was on paid sick leave from University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff

The doctor was offered the chance to walk free if he paid back £98,000 to NHS

But Madu sent to a Nigerian bank account instead and was jailed for two years

By Alexander Robertson For Mailonline

13 June 2017

A disgraced doctor who moonlighted on paid sick leave was today jailed after failing to pay back nearly £100,000 he fiddled from the NHS.

Gynaecologist Dr Anthony Madu, 46, secretly carried out well-paid locum work at hospitals while getting sick pay from another hospital.

Madu – who was described in court as ‘irresponsible and dishonest’ – sent £95,000 to a Nigerian bank account.

He was spared immediate jail to be given a two-year suspended sentence as long as he paid back £98,000 to the NHS.

But Madu failed to pay it back – and he was jailed for two years for his fraud.

Prosecutor Christian Jowett said: ‘The doctor has transferred £95,000 to a bank account in Nigeria.’

Nigerian-born Madu was given the specialist registrar obstetrics gynaecology post at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, in August 2009.

Specialist registrar Madu was convicted of six charges of fraud by working at hospitals across England while employed at the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

Mr Jowett said: ‘He was legally obliged to tell his employers about his work but he did not do so.

‘He was also legally obliged to tell two locum agencies that he was on extended leave and had been granted sickness leave.

‘But he continued to work and receive payment from both Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and his work in England.’

But he was suspended and put on extended leave two months later over allegations about his conduct towards other staff and claims he had falsified his training record.

He then submitted sick notes on three different occasions, saying he could not work because of stress but then worked as a locum at four hospitals in England.

Madu, of Woolwich, London, continued to work for other health boards including in Manchester, Yorkshire, and the Midlands. The cost to the four hospitals he defrauded was said to be £240,000.

At the trial the court heard Madu ‘was nowhere near’ the level of clinical competence expected of a year five specialist registrar.

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