Theresa the Appeaser is the EU’s waitress

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At a subconscious level the decision of the British people on 23 June 2016 was a kick in the teeth to the EU27’s leaders, to President Juncker and his Commission, and to the then President Martin Schulz and his phalanx of zealots in the EU Parliament. Of course some readers might say that the kick landed rather lower than the teeth.

From Juncker’s first reaction on 24 June 2016: “This will not be an amicable divorce”, through all the insults from various leaders and officials since, the overall reaction from these cult-like believers in the EU ‘Projekt’ has been hostile.

Once they got over the initial shock, on the surface they have tried to present a calm – almost detached – demeanour. “Yes Brexit is important,” they seemed to be saying, “but we have far more important things to be discussing.”

So unflapped do they want to appear to be, they have relegated Brexit off the official agenda of daytime meetings and placed it firmly on the food table – be that for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


When the UK leaves the EU – if it ever does – it will be the equivalent of 18 EU economies leaving together on the same day.


For the EU to continue to play these silly games is perhaps one of the worst indictments of Mrs May’s abilities as Prime Minister of the World’s fifth largest economy.

When she enters the room in Brussels, people should feel her presence. Instead she has been ignored. We suggest that when she enters the room it probably feels more akin to a waitress entering to refill glasses – no-one even notices.

Why did she ever accept having to put up with ten minutes during dinner to talk to the other leaders about Brexit? When has she ever demanded that Brexit be put solidly on the main agenda, at the top? When has she ever actually asserted herself, on behalf of our great nation?


Yes, we know that the EU has many other crises to discuss. For example at the summit next week they will be talking about the Article 7 notice they’ve issued against Poland and the one about to be issued against Hungary, turning these two members into pariah states who will be denied voting rights and quite possibly denied funding.

They will also discuss once again the disaster that is the EU’s immigration policy, on which no-one can agree. This in turn has led to an internal security situation which is alarming EU citizens, and so some new measures will be announced. Typically these are likely to include the further censorship of free speech across the EU – as if that’s the problem which needs addressing.


The British media is full of the internal UK political scene – how Theresa is going to abandon Brexit, who is saying what about whom, who might resign, and so forth.

As usual, we have tried to give you a sense from the other side. Without an understanding of the mentality of these EU fanatics, it’s hardly surprising that the UK government has performed so abysmally in the Brexit negotiations. And that’s without saying anything about the clear Remainer agenda of Mrs May.

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