Theresa May’s definition of an extremist: anyone who disagrees with her

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Commentators: marriage supporters at risk of ‘extremist’ label

Dear Marriage supporter

We’ve been getting in touch with supporters in recent weeks to explain how the Government’s plans for Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs) would jeopardise the free speech of those who advocate traditional marriage.

More and more media commentators are also beginning to recognise the reality of these concerns.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Brendan O’Neill and Philip Johnston specifically identified those who do not support same-sex ‘marriage’ as at risk of being classified as ‘extremists’.

Such views, O’Neill said, could be taken to indicate they “don’t have ‘respect for minorities’” – one of the Government’s current definitions for an ‘extremist’.

Again last Monday Theresa May failed to provide a satisfactory answer when challenged on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme to give an example of words or actions that would be banned under the new law.

She did say however that definitions of extremism would be provided when the counter-extremism Bill is eventually published.

That is why we will continue to make the case that whilst we back the Government’s fight against terrorism, it must ensure that these vague plans do not categorise law-abiding supporters of (traditional) marriage alongside Islamist extremists.

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