There is nothing British about these ‘values’

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Dear Marriage supporter

The Government’s plan to send Ofsted into voluntary groups up and down the country could be a real threat to your freedom.

It is vital that you contact your MP about this now.

Ofsted inspectors applying the ‘British values’ test in schools have already shown hostility towards traditional marriage supporters. Indeed, in some cases, belief in homosexual ‘marriage’ seems to have been used as a test of whether a school is promoting extremist views.

We’ve always said that people should not feel pressurised to go along with same-sex ‘marriage’ just because of political ‘correctness’. They should be free to express their views.

‘British values’

Under the proposals, Ofsted could investigate any place which provides instruction to under-19s in England for more than 6 hours in any week.

This would catch a wide range of voluntary organisations (such as sports groups, church youth groups, out-of-school music teaching, cooking courses, driving schools, first aid courses, drama groups…). Inspectors would be on the lookout for “undesirable teaching” which conflicts with the Government’s vague and subjective ‘British values’ test.

‘Extremist’ views

The Government claim that the scheme is needed to catch potential ‘extremists’, but we know that some Ofsted inspectors think that simply believing in traditional marriage is a sure risk of extremism.

I cannot emphasise strongly enough the importance of contacting your MP about this now. Tell him that handing Ofsted the power to inspect teaching in out-of-school settings is wrong and unworkable.

The fact is that these proposals will stifle the great work done by the voluntary sector whilst failing to protect children from radicalisation.

If you have not done so already, please get in touch with your MP today. Let’s protect the children of this country from yet more political ‘correctness’.

Email your MP today

Thank you for all your support.

Yours sincerely

Colin Hart
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage

See our new short briefing for more information about these plans.

Tips for what to say

Please be polite but firm. Use your own words.

Say that the plans should be dropped. They are far too broad and are missing the target.

Say that Ofsted has a track record of confusing support for traditional marriage with extremism.

You may also wish to use one or two of the following points:

Say that Ofsted should have no role in this area. Ofsted has failed to respect people who believe in traditional marriage and is not able properly to assess ‘British values’.

Say that the extra regulation will lead to many community activities being abandoned.

Say that the grounds for banning orders and the closing of premises are so broad, they are open to misuse. Inspectors could close youth groups or ban people from working with children for life on the basis of a subjective judgement.

Say that the plans have not been thought through. Why is radicalisation more likely to occur in six hours than in five hours per week?

Say that Ofsted has never apologised for its inspectors’ hostility towards pupils and teachers who believe in traditional marriage.

Say that disagreeing with same-sex ‘marriage’ is normal in a free country, but that state officials often fail to grasp this.

If you help out with any affected group, do mention this in your email.