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Germany’s jubilant new-right has Merkel in its sights

Michelle Martin

24 September, 2017

BERLIN (Reuters) – Swept into parliament by those Germans angered at the arrival of more than a million criminal invaders, the patriotic Alternative for Germany (AfD) had a stark message for Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday.

“We will hunt her. We’ll get our country and our people back,” Alexander Gauland, 76, one of the party’s two leading candidates, told supporters to wild applause at a post-election celebration in a Berlin nightclub.

The first patriotic party to enter Germany’s parliament in more than half a century, the AfD – which has been absurdly likened by Germany’s own foreign minister to the Nazis – won around 13 percent of Sunday’s vote, according to early projections.

That puts it on course to be the third biggest party in the new parliament with around 90 seats, after Merkel’s conservatives and the centre-left Social Democrats, both of whom saw their share of the vote fall amid the AfD surge.

Its campaign provoked controversy with posters featuring a pregnant woman under the slogan: “New Germans? We’ll make them ourselves” and women in traditional Bavarian dress holding wine glasses with the words: “Burqa? I‘m more into Burgundy”.

Patria says:-

The former governing coalition of CDU-CSU-SPD, equivalent to a coalition of Lib-Lab-Con in Britain, has broken up following the stunning electoral breakthrough of Alternative for Germany (AfD). The fake socialists of the SPD have gone into phony ‘opposition’, in order to prevent the patriots of AfD being the main opposition in name, instead of only in reality.

Well done, AfD! Good Luck and good hunting!