There are still far too many English children!

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Parents’ anger as Grimsby-area school is branded ‘too white’ by Ofsted inspectors

By Grimsby Telegraph

November 20, 2014

Parents have branded an Ofsted ruling to mark down a Middle Rasen school for being too white as “ridiculous” [how about grossly offensive and unjust, not to mention ‘racist’?].

Middle Rasen Primary School missed out on a “outstanding” rating after inspectors criticised the school for not being multicultural enough – without enough black or Asian children attending – even though 97 per cent of the town’s population is white.

The school was given a ‘good’ rating, due to “pupil’s [sic] cultural development being limited by lack of firsthand experience of the diverse make-up of modern British society”.

The school had been highly praised in the report for its management and teaching, plus its well-behaved, courteous and enthusiastic pupils [could these be related to its Englishness?].

Parent Kirsty Egen, a 29-year-old mother-of-two, told The Telegraph: “I think it’s ridiculous. It’s a brilliant school, I have no doubt that if there were non-white children attending they would make sure they were accommodated and the children interacted.

“But they can’t force people to come. Why would the school spend time on trying to teach the children how to integrate with people who aren’t even there?

“I think the school has been victimised, it seems very vindictive to just mark them down for something they cannot change.” [Would an all black or Asian school be marked down for having too few English pupils?]

Jodie Miller, 35, whose six-year-old daughter Dylann attends the school said: “I don’t think this should be a reason to mark a school down.

“We are a small rural community in Lincolnshire, there just aren’t many children here from different backgrounds. The staff can’t just wander the streets forcing people to come and attend.”

Following its last inspection in December 2012, the school – which has 104 pupils aged between four and 11 – was given a “satisfactory” rating.

This latest report praises the school for the vast improvements made since then, particularly for having “leaders, managers, staff and governors who create an environment in which learning flourishes”.

However, the report also stated: “The large majority of pupils are white British. Very few are from other ethnic groups, and currently no pupils speak English as an additional language.

“The school needs to extend pupils’ understanding of the cultural diversity of modern British Society by creating opportunities for them to have firsthand interaction with their counterparts from different backgrounds beyond the immediate vicinity.”

Head teacher Melanie Brunton said the school would look to partner with an inner-city school to develop its understanding of multicultural issues.

She said: “I think the problem is that we are a rural Lincolnshire school and that is always going to be an issue. I agree that we could do more and we are trying to get a partnership with an inner city school.”

The head said school trips usually involve visits to the countryside, such as farms and zoos. But pupils recently had a trip to Derby, which included a mosque visit, as well as visiting the Rolls-Royce factory.

An Ofsted spokesman said: “All schools must teach pupils about fundamental British values including mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. That way they will be prepared for the future wherever they go” [Unless they visit the countries from which the Third World immigrants come].

Patria says:-

Are the Ofsted inspectors who visited Middle Rasen Primary School English? Or are they immigrants of a different race who wish to remove, as rapidly as they can, any opportunity for English children to benefit from receiving an education among their own kind – which is the best possible for them?

It is the best kind of education because, notwithstanding all the politically ‘correct’ brainwashing of the education system, among children of their own nationality they develop a stronger awareness of their ethnic identity and a better understanding of the advantages an ethnically homogeneous community has over one that is ethnically heterogeneous.

This national awareness will stand English children in good stead as they enter adulthood because, despite all the Anglophobic propaganda of the education system and ‘mainstream’ media, they will have experienced at first-hand, in microcosm, the overwhelmingly white British society the political Establishment cries down.

And the cognitive dissonance created by the juxtaposition of what their early experience has taught them about the benefits of an overwhelmingly English community and the increasingly strident anti-English propaganda of immigrant politicians, broadcasters, journalists and so-called celebrities, will precipitate a revulsion of sentiment comparable to that which brought down the Berlin Wall.

The currency of political ‘correctness’ will be found to have been debased, its bank will fail and a happy new order will arise upon the ruins of the old.

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