The small plaque in memory of Kriss Donald has been vandalized – note the two dents that appear to have been caused by air-gun pellets. Photo: Michael McGurk


A photograph of the small plaque set up in memory of young murder victim Kriss Donald, on the Clyde Walkway in Glasgow, shows that it has been vandalized – probably by air-gun pellets. Yet the media and the authorities say nothing and do nothing but spew hatred in the direction of anyone who seeks to commemorate the untimely ending of the life of Kriss Donald.

Contrast this shabby neglect of Kriss Donald with the elaborate precautions, including the installation of CCTV cameras, undertaken to protect the memorial to Stephen Lawrence in Eltham and to detect and put on trial anyone who vandalizes it, or even accidentally drops a bottle onto it.

No stone-masons restore a slab of granite or marble marking the place where Kriss Donald was murdered by a cowardly gang of Asian racists, because no such monument was ever set up. No TV reporters accost passers-by for a vox pop, asking them whether the area is ‘still racist’, as the media do in Well Hall Road where Stephen Lawrence died. No CCTV cameras record the movements of visitors to the bench that bears the tiny plaque commemorating Kriss Donald’s life, partly because a white victim of racist murder is such a commonplace.

Not that murder per se is commonplace, though after two generations of immigration from the Third World and the abolition of capital punishment it now is, but that when a murder has a racial motivation, its victim is much more likely to be white than black or Asian. This is the elephant in the room that the media dare not mention. The media much prefer to peddle the myth that blacks and Asians are the most common victims of racist murder, which is the very opposite of the truth. It is the ‘big lie’, of which Dr Goebbels would be envious.

The political Establishment went to extraordinary lengths, including desperate measures such as the abolition of that time-honoured safeguard of English common law the rule of ‘no double jeopardy’ and the retrospective application of the change, in order to convict (ironically as the verdict was a miscarriage of justice) two guiltless white men, Gary Dobson and David Norris, of the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

But when the victim is white and the perpetrators black or Asian the authorities much prefer, if they can get away with doing so, to look the other way and hope that time and the silence of the media will cause the whole matter to be forgotten.

Unlike a number of other cases, such as the murders of Gavin Hopley and Charlene Downes, the police and CPS felt unable to avoid undertaking a competent investigation and prosecution of the Kriss Donald murder, because the facts of the case were so horrific. Though, even so, the media did its utmost and still does to stifle news of the murder in England.

The hypocrisy, mendacity and double standards of the Establishment, the authorities and the media almost beggars belief. Until, that is, one remembers that many senior members of the political Establishment, the CPS, the judiciary and the media are ethnic aliens and either immigrants themselves or the children or grandchildren of immigrants.

These individuals tend to favour other ethnic aliens at the expense of our people, just as they themselves were helped into the positions they now occupy by the patronage of an earlier generation of immigrants. These individuals are also at the forefront of those who promote the fictitious benefits to us of immigration from the Third World and Eastern Europe.