The written in Berlin May-Johnson ‘deal’ is not Brexit but a surrender treaty

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The written in Berlin May-Johnson political declaration and remain agreement is more than five hundred pages long and contains scores of clauses which disadvantage the UK, forestalling our freedom of action and purporting to place us in a position of subservience to the EU in perpetuity.

During the so-called transition period we would be subject to the direct effect and supremacy of EU law but without a vote or veto. This would apply not only to existing EU law but also to any new laws the EU passed during the transition period. We would be subject not only to existing EU law but also to unpredictable (or perhaps all too predictable) reinterpretations of that law by a foreign court, the infamous ECJ. Taxation without representation, a state of affairs to which historically even colonies have been known to object most strongly. And the UK is no one’s colony.

Once ratified the surrender treaty would be binding in international law and would bite and continue to do so for generations. We must leave the EU, but we must not deprive ourselves of the fruits of leaving by signing away our freedom and becoming a rule taking vassal state. Leaving with no Article fifty ‘deal’ is the only way of really leaving.

No wonder Johnson was so anxious to prevent parliament from properly scrutinizing his misnamed withdrawal agreement. It would have been exposed for the atrocious surrender treaty it is. Brexit will happen but as the last three years have proved, it cannot happen by continuing to play in the EU casino where the house always wins because the game is rigged. We need to leave with a clean break, ie, no overarching ‘deal’, before discussing trade relations from a position of strength.

Johnson is as unfit to be prime minister as Corbyn, or even more unfit. Johnson has been in government and the head of it. For him to try to pass off his written in Berlin surrender treaty as Brexit is a staggering betrayal of the people of this country. Treason is not too strong a word for what Johnson has done and is attempting to do.

Does this mean one should vote for Corbyn? Far from it. There are alternatives to Lib-Lab-Con, one party under Brussels indistinguishable. And as for opinion polls and so-called experts: if they had the slightest credibility Remain would have won the 2016 Referendum and immediately following the vote to Leave we would have been in a deep recession.

The written in Berlin May-Johnson surrender treaty means staying in the EU, or under its control which amounts to the same thing, but without a voice, vote or veto. Rather like one of the Warsaw Pact countries before the fall of the Soviet Union. Johnson said he would rather be dead in a ditch than not leave the EU by 31 October, deal or no deal, do or die. More recently he has ruled out no deal. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Unless or until Johnson’s written in Berlin political declaration and remain treaty is ratified we can still leave the EU. If they are ratified we will have signed away our sovereignty and freedom as much as, or rather more than, we did in 1972 when we joined the EEC as it was then known.

A Pyhrric victory for Johnson (ie, Conservatives the largest party but no majority) resulting in a pro-Brexit hung parliament could bring us the real, No Deal WTO Brexit we voted for more than three years ago. A Pyrrhic victory is a victory that takes such a heavy toll of the victor that it is tantamount to defeat. Someone who wins a Pyrrhic victory has paid such a heavy price that any sense of achievement is nullified and long term strategy is adjusted as a result.

No one knows how the impending general election is going to work out. But having said that, there are certain straws in the wind. This is how I see things developing. Another hung parliament. The DUP and a number of Brexit Party MPs hold the balance of power.

Johnson, being the unprincipled careerist he is, would rather leave the EU with no deal than resign as prime minister. One or two DUP and Brexit Party MPs are given positions in the cabinet and we leave with no deal after parliament votes in favour of it.

I don’t see any one party winning a majority on their own in the current scenario, but if we can return a parliament a majority of whose elected members are no longer in thrall to the EU, then we stand a good chance of taking back control and winning our freedom of action as the great sovereign nation we are.

If only one in three of approximately 17.4 million who voted Leave in 2016 voted Brexit Party it would equate to more than five million votes. More than enough to elect a number of MPs who could conceivably hold the balance of power in a new hung parliament. The Brexit Party could take Labour seats which the Conservatives would have no hope of winning. By standing down the Brexit Party could make a Labour – SNP government more likely, rather than less likely.

Paradoxically in view of the last three years, another hung parliament, this time with a Conservative – DUP – Brexit Party coalition government, could facilitate real progress. Brexit will happen. But it will be the real, No Deal, WTO Brexit for which the people voted and that the political, business, academic and media Establishment dread, rather than the fake Brexit peddled by Treason May and her successor.

Vote Patria.