The voice of the people

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Name: Denis Cooper, Berks

Date/Time: 07 Nov 2017, 11.53am


Your efforts are very much appreciated, but the question always in my mind is why on earth the government department charged with executing our withdrawal from the EU cannot be bothered to respond to any of the anti-Brexit rubbish which is being churned out by the media day after day. For years before the referendum the official government policy was that we should stay in the EU and the government had no scruples about spending taxpayers’ money to defend and promote that policy with the public. Now the official government policy is that we will leave the EU but the government is doing next to nothing to defend and promote that new policy with the public. It’s almost as though they are hoping that public opinion will swing so sharply against withdrawal that they will have an excuse to reverse the policy and keep us in the EU.

Name: Brexiter, Braintree, Essex

Date/Time: 07 Nov 2017, 11.30am


Do the UK’s net contribution figures, include all the “off balance sheet side contributions”, like the EU army, the EU foreign aid budget, and other payments that are made to “ongoing projects”? For years these stealth “projects” have been going on and financed by members, without any notification to national Parliaments. When did the British people officially learn about the ‘EU army’? I remember a certain Mr Clegg saying in April 2014 forming an EU army was a “dangerous fantasy lie, it is simply not true”. Then the EU army headquarters, personnel, uniform, equipment complete with EU logo, was unveiled in November 2016. Just like that! Does anybody believe that an army was created in just 2 years, without the Deputy Prime Minister of the second biggest contributors to the budget not knowing. The sooner we leave and get back our sovereignty the better, then Government spending can be scrutinized and debated in Parliament. Governments have no money, they confiscate it from us by taxing. We have the right to make sure taxes are spent well, or we vote them out.