The so-called Single Market has harmed Britain’s economy

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Those who voted to leave the EU in 2016 have had to endure much in the last eighteen months.

One consistent theme from Remainer politicians and commentators has been that the UK cannot afford to leave membership of the Single Market. Think how many times you heard sayings such as ‘No-one voted to ruin the economy’, ‘We want a Brexit focused on jobs’, etc. As if no Brexiteer cared about jobs and the economy.

Here at Brexit Facts4EU.Org we have countered these messages over and over, but we’ll leave you to judge whether the big, well-funded Brexit organisations have done this as effectively.


Before Single Market (1967-1993) : 2.5% average annual growth

Since Single Market (1993-2016) : 2.2% average annual growth

We hope you like the simple but effective messages contained in this article:

The UK economy was growing faster on average before the Single Market started

The EU’s Single Market has demonstrably had no positive impact on UK growth

The UK’s average annual growth rate has actually fallen since it started